Overall, the variety of moods, tempos, structure and ideas makes for a fascinating listening experience for anyone willing to go below the surface.
— Alain Drouot – Down Beat


  1. Round Around Nothing I 09:27
  2. Fortar Hardar 13:43
  3. Fendika 12:52
  4. Birdbox (feat. Klaus Ellerhusen Holm) 06:25
  5. Round Around Nothing II 13:46 
  6. Culius 13:06
  7. Erta Ale 13:00
  8. Slow Love (feat. Christian Meaas Svendsen) 10:08
  9. Austin Birds 13:33
  10. Birdbox (feat. Mats Äleklint) 04:40
  11. Round Around Nothing III 11:44
  12. Birdbox (feat. Andreas Wildhagen)

All music by Paal Nilssen-Love (TONO)

Recorded live in concert at Victoria, Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo; Verftet, Bergen Jazzforum; Dokkhuset, Trondheim and studio on location at Dokkhuset, Trondheim during a tour of Norway between the 30th of January and 4th of February 2014.

Nasjonal Jazzscene: Birdbox (feat. Mats Äleklint), Fendika, Erta Ale, Fendika
Bergen Jazzforum: Birdbox (feat. Klaus Ellerhusen Holm)
Dokkhuset, live: Austin Birds, Slow Love (feat. Lasse Marhaug), Culius
Dokkhuset, studio: Round About Nothing I, II and III, Fortar Hardar, Birdbox (feat. Andreas Wildhagen), Slow Love (feat. Christian Meaas Svendsen)

Live sound and recording by Christian Obermayer.
Mixed by Christian Obermayer and Paal Nilssen-Love at Strype Audio.
Mastered by Bob Weston and Paal Nilssen-Love at Chicago Mastering Service.
Lacquer masters cut by Bob Weston.

Bonus disc, live recording from Moers Festival, recorded by Simeon Klein and Michael Hohnstick, mastered by Lasse Marhaug. Liner notes by Audun Vinger.

Cover art by Terry Nilssen-Love
CD1: “A Las Cinco De La Tarde I”, 2011/ 100x115cm/private owned
CD 2: “Tapestry”, 2013/100x120cm
LP1: “Homage to J.H.”, 2012/160x150cm
LP 2: “Out of Nowhere”, 2013/115x100cm
LP 3: “Miyajima II”, 2013/115x100cm/private owned
LP 4: “Function at the Junction”, 2012/160x150cm/private owned
Cover design by Lasse Marhaug.
Produced by Paal Nilssen-Love.

This recording was supported by Fund for Performing Artists: FFUK and Fond for Lyd og Bilde: Arts Council Norway. Impossible without…

Thanks to Norsk Jazzforum, Arts Council Norway, Fond For Lyd og Bilde, Fund For Performing Artists, Molde Jazzfestival, Eldbjørg at Sjøbygda Kulturhus, Thorbjørn Ottersen at Union Scene, Jan Ole Otnæs at Nasjonal Jazzscene, Signe Irene Time at Stajazz, Katrine Lilleland at Tou Scene, Tom Svendsgård at Bergen Jazzforum, Arild Schei, Tor “Torsken” Breivik and Andreas Hårklau at Dokkhuset, Trondheim, Norway; Reiner Michalke at Moers Festival.

Personal thanks also to Helge Jan Ingebrigtsen, Didrik Ingvaldsen, Frode Gjerstad, Gisle Røen Johansen Wincentz, Håvard Wiik, Sten Sandell, Fredrik Ljungkvist, Ken Vandermark, Peter Brötzmann, Mats Gustafsson, Terrie Ex, Melaku Belay, Bernardo Oliveira and of course Lisbeth, Terry and Carl Nilssen-Love.

PNL 024

Released October 2014